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Hailing from The Netherlands, Thedor is a multi-disciplined, independent artist based in Calgary, Canada where he designs and produces high quality, affordable fine art prints for any room in the home, office or interior design project.

His artwork has been extensively used for various large-scale projects such as high-end restaurants, private schools, stores and architectural homes in Canada, the USA and recently, South Africa.

Essentially intuitive, his work is fundamental, timeless and at times displays an approach that is unique and a dynamic combination of exactly defined diagrammatic structures stretched over a precise intellectual framework.

As a source of inspiration, Thedor is influenced primarily by mid century and modern design and uses his predilection for patterning, expressive vibrant colors and abstract designs to create original art prints that resonate a play between shapes and are full of vitality.

● Custom orders are more than welcome!
● Custom sizes are available for all prints - up to 16"x24" - 40.6cm x 61cm
● Custom colours are available for most prints (may include a setup fee)

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